10 Best Pinterest Fails EVER (VIDEO)

Everybody, at least once, has perused Pinterest, found some really cool baking or crafting idea, and decided today was the day to become a crafting or baking extraordinaire. However, after spending hours attempting the seemingly simple instructions they don’t always come out exactly like they are supposed to.

The Best Stuff Online has scoured the web to find some of the most hilarious Pinterest fails ever. The results…well, see for yourself.

1. Banana?

Photo via Pinstrosity.

2. Poor Chickens

Photo via Bored Panda.


3. Creepiest Santa EVER

Photo via about Entertainment.


4. Jurassic Fail

Photo via Pinterest Fail.


5. SpongeBob Terrifying Pants

Photo Via College Candy.


6. Zombie Ariel

Photo via Pinterest.


7. George Washington LightYear?

Photo via izismile.


8. Jabba The Snowman

Photo via Pinterest.


9. Watch Your Step

Photo via Craftfail.


10. Spider Fail

Photo via Just Something.

The moral of this story is:

Not everyone is a crafter, a baker, or an artist but please, please, at least attempt it because these Pinterest fails are everything. Even the absolutely terrifying melting eye cakes can send us over the edge with laughter.

Take a look at some more absolutely amazing crafting fails with this video.

Featured image via Pop That Collar.