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10 Crazy Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Think

Image by Vian De Bod

Have you ever stood for ages in the shower and just allowed your mind to wander? Of course you have! Most of us can have pretty strange, yet eye-opening thoughts during one of these intense think-a-thons. Usually we keep these thoughts to ourselves, but some people on Reddit have taken to documenting these ideas.

Some ideas are funny, others are scary, and some are just downright odd. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of them into a nice collection of unique images.

Whether you frequent that subreddit or not, I’m sure that you’ll be able to appreciate the thought-provoking nature of some of these thoughts. Here are some of the more interesting shower thoughts out there…


“Well that $200 Compass was a waste of money…”

Image By Vian De Bod

“Dave… What did you eat!?”

Image By Vian De Bod

To be fair, it is a collection of a bunch of other books…

Image By Vian De Bod

My coin-flip odds just took a massive beating…

Image By Vian De Bod

In this week’s edition of ‘Plot Convenience’…

Image By Vian De Bod

Didn’t really think that one through, did you?

Image By Vian De Bod

Oh the cruel irony!

Image By Vian De Bod

My kingdom for a real-life Ad-block!

Image By Vian De Bod

Must… Resist… Temptation…

Image By Vian De Bod

A very self-conscious shower thought rears its head…

Image By Vian De Bod

Feautured image by Vian De Bod

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