10 Times Animals Failed So Hard That They Actually Won

Sometimes a funny animal picture or GIF is all you need to brighten your day, right?

Below are 10 of the best pet fail pics and GIFs I found on the internet today; of course, with fails this great, I think these poor guys deserve a bit of #winning as well.

This Kitty Is Done With Laser Time


This Cat Severely Underestimated That Distance


This Cat Who … OMG!!


This Belly-Flopping Doggo

Source: tumblr

This Turtle Who Is Just Done


This Cat Trying To Impress The Dogs, Who Just Don’t Care


This Cat Who Just Didn’t Look


This Dog Who Won … Unless You’re The Cat

Source: Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

This Dog Who Misjudged … And The One That Got Away


This Cat Actually Made It … Sort Of


All gifs and the featured image are from the “Animals Sucking at Jumping” tumblr. Click here for more!

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