11 Of The Creepiest ‘When You See It’ Pics Ever

I love the “when you see it” pictures that are all over the web. Some are cute, some are funny, and some are just downright freaky.

I scoured through hundreds of them and found these 11 pictures that qualify as some of the creepiest ones out there. Enjoy!

1. Never going in the attic again

via Imgur

2. Aww, just a nice selfie in her … OMG WHO IS THAT??

via Runt of the Web

3. Mom, I’ll keep posing if you want, but you seriously need to look behind us …

via Imgur

4. She’s pretty, but that other thing? Kill it. Kill it with fire.

via Jokideo

5. I really love what you’ve done with the place — the curtains, the couch, the OMFG!

via Imgur

6. Don’t neglect your storage locker. Someone might move in.

Via Imgur


via Runt of the Web

8. “Umm, Becky … if your hand is on my right shoulder, what do I feel on my left one?”

via Guff

9. Knock knock …

Via Noweevil

10. Nope, don’t need to see the next floor. Nope nope nope.

via Buzzfeed

11. Who knew they were being watched the whole time?

(this one took me a while, but when you see it, you’ll never unsee it.)

via Imgur

Featured image via Guff.com


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