11-Year-Old Girl Stuns Church With Exquisite Operatic Rendition of ‘Oh Holy Night’

I always get a little excited whenever I see kids singing- on TV or the internet! It just amazes and makes my heart happy and warm. Especially this fantastic 11-year old kid singing Christmas carol, “O Holy Night!” inside the church. When I was at her age, I could probably sing out of tune nursery rhymes- my honest to goodness confession. This 11-year old kid who stunned the churchgoers is genuinely remarkable and talented with her God-given gift. In the video, Amira Willighagen is beautifully singing the “O Holy Night.” Her voice resonance is so powerful and impressive, making the audience as if under a spell. She looks as if she is singing in the opera with the Nijmegen Men’s choir.

Amira Willighagen’s performance of “O Holy Night” is not the first time she impressed her audience. Her career started when she was nine and won Holland’s Got Talent, the most famous and prestigious talent show ever made. Yes, you read it right. She won the competition when she was 9. She became a big name in South Africa and the Netherlands from thereon. Amira is not just an excellent voice but also a big heart. She uses her talent to raise money and build playgrounds for poor South African towns. The program is called “Gelukskinders,” wherein half of the profit from her performances and album sales go to the charity. Such a generous heart!


Not only that, our dear powerful voice is involved with helping grow and funding South African schools. We all know that South Africa is not a rich country and needs a lot of help in food, nourishment, education, and quality of life. There are lots of towns in South Africa that needs a helping hand. Amira, in her little way, helps in building kid’s playgrounds in schools to give them a happy childhood.

Watch Amira’s outstanding performance here in the video below:

Truly, Amira is such an angel! We can’t wait to see her career grow bigger!