17 Terrible Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s imperative that you not screw things up. So we compiled this list of 17 gifts no mom should ever get.

When thinking of what to get her, here’s a general rule of thumb: think about what your mom wants, not what she needs. Even if she mentioned needing a new vacuum, do not get her one for Mother’s Day. Or Christmas. Or her birthday.

1. Tampon Flask

On the one hand, no man will touch it. But on the other hand, this shouldn’t even exist.

tampon flask nasty mother's day
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2. Stuffed Uterus

No need to remind mom of your first home.

uterus mother's day wait what
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3. Not Your Mom

Um, thanks?

Mother's Day gifts mug
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Mother's Day gifts mug
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4. Mr. Sniffles 

Cooking appliances are a no-no to begin with. Nasty cooking appliances are a huge no.

Mother's Day gifs gifts fail
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5. Poop Emoji Slippers

Poop emoji anything isn’t an option.

Mother's Gift gifs gifts poop emoji
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6. IOU Book

She pushed you out of her body. Loosen the purse strings.

IOU book Mother's Day gifts
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Mother's Day gifts fail gifs
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7. The Wrong Card

Such a disgrace.

Mother's Day gifts cheap card gifs
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8. Parenting for Dummies 

How dare you question your mother.

Mother's Day gifts gifs fail
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9. Waxing Strips

Waxing strips should only be purchased by the user. Period.

Mother's Day fail gifs waxing
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10. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

She should disown you.

Mother's Day fail gifts gifs toilet
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11. Condoms 

Unless you’re trying to tell someone to stop reproducing, in which case it’s funny.

Mother's Day gifts gifs no condoms fail

12. Spanx

Don’t buy shape wear for anyone other than yourself.

Mother's Day Spanx gifs gifts fail
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13. Mom Tattoo

This should-I repeat, should-be self-explanatory.

Mother's Day creepy gifts gifs tattoos fail
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14. A Vacuum

Cleaning appliances are not gifts.

Mother's Day gifts gifs vacuum fail
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15. Money

She raised you, so put some thought into it.

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16. A Homemade Card Past Puberty

Save the arts and crafts for your own time.

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17. A Trophy

This isn’t a grade school spelling bee.

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Whatever you get her, remind her that she’s awesome.

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Watch this video for some makeup ideas your mom may actually like.

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