21 College Students in a Haunting and Exquisite Video Singing ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Christmas is fast approaching, and what makes all the more this season exciting is hearing Christmas carols! One of the highlights of our favorite season is getting together with our loved ones, dine together, and of course, sing Christmas songs to feel the vibe of Çhristmas. One of the immortalized Christmas carols most of us won’t let pass this season without singing is “The Little Drummer Boy.” This song has been translated into different languages and covered by most artists. First called “Carol of the Drum,” the music is composed in 1941 and performed and made famous by Trapp Family Singers in 1955. Then, the rest is history.

A group of college students performs their stunning version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” The video of Norwegian students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Music Department went viral with their cinematic approach to the song. Their set can be mistaken to be Narnia or Winter Wonderland; a woman can be seen walking along with thick snow, a drum in one hand. Their dramatic shots of trees and landscape via drone is such a plus! Then four men outside a barn started the medley wearing classic outfits. The girls are wearing classic outfits, too, bringing us the traditional vibe of Christmas. Their voice is so angelic and relaxing.

Few verses after, the drummer woman takes over the scene and militarily bangs the drum. Mind you; she is not even wearing gloves! Given the weather and thick snow! Thumbs up for the video effects when the string players’ turn sets in. The snowflake effects blend well in the video. Towards the end of the footage, the group gathers in front of a giant Christmas tree. The singers lined up with the drummer woman in the middle and occasionally banging the instrument.

Check out the remarkable and fantastic video of Norwegian music students and feel the Christmas spirit!

Indeed, these students flawlessly made the song immortal and remarkable!