22 Things You Can Buy (Or Make!) To Finally Get Your Car Organized

You can do this!

1. Silicone cupcake cups

Never again spend your time cleaning out those tiny little cracks in your drink holders with a toothbrush. (yeah cuz we totally do that hahaha) When they get dirty, just put them in the dishwasher. Buy them here.


2. Coupon organizer for glovebox paperwork

When you get pulled over, you won’t have to nervously scramble for 10 minutes looking for your insurance card. Instructions for organizing this here, and you can buy one here.


3. Visor organizer

You know you can’t live without this. It’s only the best damn thing ever. Buy it here.


4. Over-the-door or shower organizers in your trunk

The ones you use in your closet or bathroom? You can use them in your car! Note also the cute little lunch boxes holding supplies. Find out how and everything you need to keep in it here. Buy them here.

5. Or something specifically designed for the back of your car seat, like this Cargo Net Trunk Organizer

The floor of your vehicle cargo area always in use? Here you go! You can store lots of necessities in this. Buy it here.


6. Multi-purpose car hooks

I have these on both sides of the backs of my car seats! Perfect for keeping the bread and eggs up out of harms way. I use it for my purse, too, when I have someone in my passenger seat. Buy them here.


7. Backseat work table

So wonderful for ride-sharing commuters, or kids (and mommy) on car trips. Next-level Netflix? Buy it here.


8. Or this backseat tablet holder/organizer

Ohhhh…this makes me want to ride in the backseat. It holds snacks, drink, toys, AND your iPad? Yes. Buy it here.


9. 4-port car smartphone charger

I KNOW it’s not just my fam who fights over whose turn it is to charge. Buy it here.


10. A kit ready-made for spontaneous picnics in the park

This one includes blanket, bug spray, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and a few other things. What would you put in yours?

11. Empty gum container for spare change

One of my favorite DIY ideas!

12. Dollar store cereal container turned sealable trash can

One of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while. No more annoying rustling bags. One for the front and one for the back? Yes. Or buy one on Amazon here if you’re lazy like me and don’t like to go to the Dollar Store!

13. Emergency kit

Just do it, already. Here’s a great list of what to include.


14. Tissue box with plastic bags

This goes into the “why the F didn’t I think of that?” file.

15. A pop-up shelf for your SUV or minivan

Must have this. MUST. I need a  handyman who can help me build it. But wait….Instructables has instructions for us if we want to try it ourselves. It’s basically made with a wire closet shelf, some legs (you can buy them at Home Depot, they’re near the dowels or there’s a wide selection on Amazon), zip ties, and screw hooks.

16. Back seat organizer that does everything

Insulated to keep drinks and sandwiches cool, mesh pockets for bottles of water, a snack pocket, AND  magazine and tissue holder. Buy it here.


17. Or go to the next level with this car fridge

This keeps food cold OR hot! No more spilling hot lunches you try to pack in grocery sacks in plastic bowls. Or nasty little bags of leaking watermelon in the floor of the backseat. Buy it here.


18. Clip-on carabiners to hold everything

These can clip anywhere there’s a place to clip. Buy them here.


19. Toys Artist Studio Car Valet

Keep little ones busy and happy (and creative!) with this back seat art center. Buy it here.


20. Mobile office

If you work in your car, this will keep all your office stuff organized. Don’t do this going down the road, of course, but sure is handy when you stop to take care of business! Buy it here.


21. Swivel mount drink and food table

Oh my love. Where have you been all my life? Buy it here.


22. Muffin tin rescue if you need to hold a zillion drinks

WTF would we do without moms? Don’t you know some brilliant mom came up with this?!?

Check out more car organizing hacks at Lifehacker.

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