3 Ways To Have A Great Weekend All By Your Lonesome

Contrary to popular belief, you can have a good time all by yourself. In fact, a little alone time can actually do us all some good in the grand scheme of things. A few minutes, hours, or even days to yourself can leave you feeling rested, relaxed, and inspired. If you’re spending the weekend all by your lonesome, that doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself behind closed doors and sleep the days away. The next time you find yourself flying solo, consider these ideas and you’ll have a stellar solitary weekend.

Eat Out

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You don’t need someone to look at across the table to enjoy a delicious meal. Take this opportunity to visit a new restaurant that you’ve been dying to try. Go crazy and ask your server to surprise you when they hand you a menu. Order whatever you want and don’t feel subconscious about eating alone, just fully enjoy your meal without distractions. Experience the music being played, the atmosphere, and the food.


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It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the same city for your whole life there is always more to see. Grab a couple of snacks, a great playlist, and fill your gas tank, because you’re going on a mini road trip, or stroll around town, whichever you prefer. Start off somewhere familiar and follow every road that you don’t recognize until you’ve discovered something new. Or try this out of foot and head into every store you’ve never been in. You’ll feel adventurous without spending a boatload. Of course, when going somewhere new, always be aware of your surroundings, tell a friend where you’ll be, and don’t do this in the dark. Safety first.

Find Adventure in the Kitchen

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Here’s something fun to do that doesn’t even require getting dressed. Find an outrageous recipe that you’d love to try. Then crank the music and start cooking or baking up a storm. If you’re by yourself you can dance and throw flour all over the kitchen if you really want to. Just enjoy the challenge and have fun with it. When you’re all done take some killer pictures for your Instagram. Make your friends jealous with a crazy meal that you’ll love making and eating, even by yourself.

Don’t let the lack of other people deter you from doing something great. Get out there and be adventurous all by yourself. When you head back to work on Monday you’ll feel invigorated and ready to do it again. You can even bring a friend along next time.

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