35 Cringe-Worthy Examples of Architectural Nightmares

Architects are responsible for designing for everything we see and use daily. And while there are plenty of architectural masterpieces like the Statue of Liberty and the Sydney Opera House, to name a few, there are also hundreds if not thousands of examples of truly terrible designs out there.

Below, we’ve put together a collection of some of the worst designs imaginable featuring things like awkward toilets, life-threatening staircases, as well as other design disasterpeices deserving of a place on the architecture wall of shame.

1. A subtle hint to find a detour if I’ve ever seen one.

2. Well, their hearts were in the right place…

3. Imagine opening a stall to find this?

4. So why did you get fired from your job at the Edinburgh Tourism Center?

5. I’d be sitting at the bottom of these stairs for hours with a bowl of popcorn.

6. Hey, at least you’ve got options.

7. The most stylish way to break one’s neck I’ve ever seen…

8. No filthy water shall sully my beautiful drain!

9. Trump says: “Hold my Diet Coke Melania. I’ve got work to do.”

10. Because broken ankles build character.

11. Now we know who watches the watchers.

12. Okay, to be fair, I hear this is an art piece, but I’m not entirely convinced.

13. Exhibit A in the city planner’s infrastructure embezzlement case.

14. I wish I could find a billionaire dumb enough to pay for work like this!

15.  Seriously, whoever built this needs to be in jail!

16. Showers don’t get much hotter than this.

17. Well, at least someone cares.

18. Folks with O.C.D must really love this building.

19. Now, here’s a strong contender for the world’s tackiest toilet seat.

20. Can you imagine being the building’s owner and looking up and seeing this for the first time?

21. Okay, folks, now this is a REAL throne.

22. As opposed to a mean one?

23. City officials are baffled by a mysterious missing children’s case.

24. Okay, this is why unions are super-necessary.

25. Dave,  how’d you finish that wall so fast?

26. I can’t lie. I’d use it.

27. You absolutely positively must avoid going downstairs at night for any reason.

28. I bet people must scare the snot out of each other all the time with this setup.

29. And this is why we don’t hire your uncle Tony anymore.

30. It’s supposed to be a closet, but I’ve got a better idea!

31. Just make a left, and it’s the last door down the hall. You’re welcome 😀

32. When you screw up and pretend you did it on purpose.

33. I one of those folks who would spend minutes staring at this and shaking in a fury.

34. Cell tower crossing.

35. When you’re too cheap to pay for two signs.

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