4-Year-Old Speaks 7 Languages: Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Mandarin, English

We all know that when a Russian puts his or her mind into something, there is an almost 100% chance that he or she will excel. Russians are known to be focused and dedicated to their chosen craft. But not only adults who can already decide are making a name for themselves. Just recently, a 4-year-old sweet little girl swept the internet by storm when she showed how she is fluent in 7 languages including Russian.

A video of Bella Devyatkina singing, answering questions, and talking about herself instantly went viral for the amazing feat that she had shown. This amazing 4-year-old is a powerhouse at a young age. She can speak Arabic, Spanish, French, Mandarin, English, and Russian.

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Yulia, Bella’s mom is a linguist who has been teaching English to kids for seven years. Her father works in the Moscow base of the Radio Research and Development Institute. Despite having an average income, both parents decided that Bella’s development will be their main priority.

At first, her parents wanted her to speak English like a native speaker but to not forget her Russian descent too. Her mom would talk to her since birth in Russian and English, alternating every other day. To make sure she won’t get confused, she wasn’t allowed to mix Russian words in an English conversation and vice versa.


When she turned 10 months, French was added to her language arsenal. She can’t talk yet but she was able to point at things that adults refer to. When she turned two, she can already speak and read fluently in those three languages.

By the age of three, she showed interest in learning German, Spanish, and Arabic. Watch her showcase her talent in this video below. Fast forward to 4:16 to see her performance.

Her parents added that they know that she won’t be using all these languages in her everyday life. They said they would let her focus on French, Russian, and English when she starts school.