5 Offbeat Places To See When You Finally Take That Roadtrip

For many who have an adventurous spirit, a road trip is a commonplace occurrence. For those of us that are workaholics, a road trip is a dream within a dream. For some who toe the line between nurturing an adventurous spirit and always hustlin’ for those money bags, a road trip is something fully fleshed out, but never put on the calendar.

Many articles will try to convince you that these places will make you want to take a road trip. Some will convince you that these places offer lifestyles only conjured in dream-states. A few articles even try to convince you that the reason you haven’t planned your road trip is because none of their destinations are on it.

This list is merely a conglomeration of what you are missing by simply not taking it.

Whether it prompts you to schedule one, alter the one you’re on, or bring you one step closer to becoming less geared towards money and more geared towards adventure, may this list show you the absolute beauties, and oddities, the U.S. has to offer.

The Budding Desert (via Imgur)

Ever wanted to see the desert in bloom? Well, now is your chance if you want to road trip to California over the next couple of months.

The Holy Mountain (via Flickr/Chuck Coker)

This hill, slathered in over 100,000 gallons of paint, is not just an art exhibit by Leonard Knight, but a “tribute to God.” It’s colorful, it’s “trippy” (get it?), and it’s in California.

Wild Horses (via Assateague Island National Seashore)

If those are the only two words you know from the song by The Rolling Stones, then rest assured that once you see the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, the won’t be able to drag you away. They can be found on the the coastlines of Virginia and Maryland.

Death Car For A Cutie (via AroundMe)

It is possible to go see Bonnie and Clyde’s actual car that they stole in, killed in, and ultimately died in. It sits right there in Primm, Nevada, complete with Clyde’s shredded shirt.

B.Y.O.B. (via AroundMe)

In Oro Granda, California stands a literal bottle tree ranch. These metal “trees” with spokes have various glass bottles impaled onto them, and when the light reflects off of these bottles at certain times during the day, you could swear you were in a scene from a movie.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.


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