5 Ways To Do NOTHING But Still End Up Doing MORE

You’ve read it all before, just about every book about productivity tells you to do more and be happier. Well, there is no denying that doing more can actually lead to superb productivity. But, are you aware that there are times when it is wiser to do nothing?

Yes, you read that right. You just have to do absolutely nothing and you’ll end up doing more. So, what’s the catch, you ask?

Of course, there is a catch. You can’t really expect do do nothing and end up being productive in everything you do, right? Come on! Well, there, so, there are these situations that are inevitable, you are bound to feel and go through these situations one time or another. During these times, it is wiser to just do nothing, than to end up ruining everything else.



This is a common mistake that a lot of people commit. Do not commit the same mistake.

According to mentalhealth.net:

Anger is a natural and mostly automatic response to pain of one form or another (physical or emotional). Anger can occur when people don’t feel well, feel rejected, feel threatened, or experience some loss.

This means that you are not yourself, you are feeling something that you don’t feel everyday. Naturally, what you do or say in anger is not your normal response to any given situation. It is just fitting that you do nothing when you feel intense anger, because chances are you might just do something that you might regret.

Aside from anger, intense feeling of love can also be considered. Do not do anything drastic when you are happy and in love, like proposing or marrying someone. These kinds of decisions deserve to be given some time to be thought about.



When we are trying to impress someone, or we are trying to change someone’s view about us, we don’t normally function the way we normally would. Lifehacker claims that:

Biologically speaking, however, there are a host of different chemicals that contribute to an altered state of mind when someone catches our eye.

Simply put, there are a lot of chemicals and states that alters our way of thinking when we get attracted to someone and when we try to get that someone’s attention. One if these is adrenaline, it is responsible in making our hearts go faster, our palms and feet sweaty and our knees weak. The others ate testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, serotonin and a whole lot more. Just imagine having a jambalaya of chemicals and emotions inside your brain, do you think you can function properly?

This is the reason why it is safe not to do anything drastic when you are trying to impress someone. You just might end up making that someone hate you, if you’re not careful.



When a person does something wrong to you, your natural reaction is to get mad and vow for revenge. Why is that? It is simply because our minds are rigged to believe that when we inflict the same level of pain to the person who hurt us, then we will feel better.

But you know what? It won’t. You will just be pulled into an unending cycle of revenge. Because as long as you nurture your anger, you will not stop seeking revenge, and your enemy will not stop.

This is the exact reason why you should do nothing when you want to get even. You will only make things worse.



By what Calm Clinic claims, it can be assumed that anxiety and paranoia can both play with your thinking.

Anxiety and paranoia are two separate conditions, but in some ways they have a lot in common. Both represent fear, and cause people to dwell on negative experiences that otherwise may not be as big as they seem.

It doesn’t need to be a part of a more serious mental illness, but when it comes to these two, you better be careful about taking any action while you are experiencing them. When you are paranoid or anxious, it is possible that you may be thinking about the negative things that can happen. You will be dwelling on that and it may be a major factor when it comes to your actions and decisions.



The last in this list is to not do anything when you are tired. Why? Well, when you are tired, you will be working slower than you usually would. Often times, you will also be doing a sloppy job because you will be doing what you are doing just for the sake of finishing it.

What will happen after that? You will go to sleep late, wake up late and end up doing it again just because you weren’t able to do it well when you tried doing it while you were tired.

Now you get the point, wouldn’t it have been better if you just slept and woke up early?


I hope these tips were able to help you do MORE by doing NOTHING.



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