6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Drink Nothing But Water For 30 Days

Perhaps there is a reason for water. It is the natural drink, of course, and it is what our bodies used for millions of years. Drinking other liquids – which do contain water – do not have the same effect as water. If you were to drink water, and nothing else, for 30 days, you would see some amazing results. Of course, this means consuming pure water, filtered even, not flavored or anything else.

Here are six things that you would notice in 30 days.

1. Metabolism gets faster

The body needs water and performs better with it. Studies show 16 ounces of cold water first thing in the morning, speeds metabolism up 24 percent.

2. Lose weight

Boosting metabolism is part of losing weight, but water also makes your body run more efficiently, and more cleanly. Toxins get flushed out faster, and that would include some of the fat you consume.

3. Your bones are stronger

Water kind of lubricates the joints inside the body, and is sort of padding. This helps things like rebuilding cartilage and muscle, as well as increasing flexibility. Strong, healthy ligaments make for strong bones.

4. Healthy heart

Being hydrated well is good for your heart, and overall health. Water keeps blood at the proper levels, so it doesn’t get too thick. This decreases risk of heart attack and clogging of arteries. Water helps your heart do its work, my making it work less to pump blood that is not too thick, so it keeps the heart young as well.

5. Aging slows

Water keeps skin moisturized, and that slows the wrinkling process. Toxins are also removed that can affect skin tone. A lot of water will keep you hydrated and result in cleaner skin. This can remove rings around the eyes, and other aging spots people may have

6. The mental process is quicker

Water, especially when combined with fasting, is a cleanser that is great for the body, mind and soul. Monks of many religions use fasting to increase their connection to a higher power. Fasting, but drinking water along with it, improves the efficiency of the brain, studies have shown. This can increase your brain function by as much as 30 percent.

Throughout history, people have known the importance of water. And now we have scientific proof as well. Drinking water only, and a lot of it, makes you smarter, faster and focused.




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