A Delivery Driver Left a Message on a Receipt and the Customer Has the Feels

With the pandemic rendering most people virtually unable to do their ordinary daily rounds like before, more and more people are taking advantage of the convenience that deliveries and drivers bring. When it comes to food and even groceries, the option to get your purchases delivered is no doubt the obvious choice for most. With this, needless to say, drivers are one of the most thankless and tiring jobs there is.

This is why a woman from Melbourne Australia always makes it a point to leave her drivers a note when she is expecting a delivery, even just a simple note telling them to stay safe and take care. “When I am expecting a delivery … I always write a sign to say thank you and just a few words wishing them good health etc so they know they are appreciated.“ This is what she wrote on Facebook after she posted the surprise she got one day.

Since she was always the one leaving notes to maybe lift the spirits up of her drivers, it was quite a surprise to find a reply inside one of her Coles food delivery. In response to the “delivery instructions” notes she gave to the driver, she got a sweet little note at the bottom of her receipt.

Mal decided to give back to the woman when he read the delivery instructions on her grocery delivery. He wrote, “Thanks for the kind words, stay safe and well. Mal, Coles driver.”

For someone who is used to trying to lift drivers’ spirits up, the woman was admittedly happy and surprised that it was her turn to get a sweet note. “Well, it was my turn today. Got a lovely note written on the bottom of my invoice.” Truly, what goes around comes around in this inspiring simple story today.