Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly Steals Hearts with Their Cover of ‘Demons’

Allie Sherlock and Saibh Skelly are a bunch of Irish teens who knows how to fascinate the crowd not only with their pretty faces but more of their incredible musical talents. Nowadays, the stage was set almost anywhere. Thus, we have the so-called buskers, another term for street performers.

Now with social media live feeds, it would take a lot of courage and confidence to entertain the public. Allie is such an internet sensation she was even invited to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” while Saibh started to grow her social media following. The beauty of video-streaming and social media sites is that these platforms promote collaboration like never before.

Allie might have a higher competitive advantage, but she used it instead to support the likes of Saibh. Both of them, as young as they are now, already have the heart for their craft, audience, and fellow artists. Saibh continues her recording, which always delighted her followers as she’s also a great guitar player and songwriter besides her God-given singing ability. As of now, she’s more on her virtual gigs to continue her commitments while there are ongoing travel restrictions. Surely, you will find more of them in the vast cyberspace, but for this particular video is a cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” in the middle of the crowded street of Dublin. As Allie plays the guitar, Saibh started to sing in such an angelic voice until they make a harmonious duet. Though still in their teenage years, they’re both comfortable in street performance as they got applauded for such a great musical act.

Image Dragons, an American pop rock band, which the two covered, is another creative group from different musical talent collaborations. As most of the YouTubers expect more uploaded videos of collaboration and street performances from them to at least make the busy crowd lighten up their day. With the restrictions for public gatherings, it only shows their determination as they still manage to update their fans through YouTube Channels and other social media sites.

You might not get enough of them, so it would be great if you watch their other videos and subscribe to their YouTube Channels. You’ll get more showstopper busker videos, and at the same time, you supported them in your own small way. Watch for yourself and make a win-win deal for you and the talented teen duo.

No matter how small or big, everyone can contribute to something beautiful that speaks to their hearts, and these what Allie and Saibh had shown to us.