An Act Of God? Or Just A Medical Mystery? Woman Regains Sight After 20 Years Of Blindness


20 years ago Mary Ann Franco was in a terrible car accident. The accident left her legally blind, and for the next 20 years she wasn’t able to see anything. It was obviously a struggle for her, especially not being able to see her pets and grandchildren.

But that all changed recently when Franco had another accident. She fell inside her home and had to have surgery on her spine to alleviate the severe pain in her neck and arm.

The surgery was successful in more ways than one. After waking up, Franco spoke to the nurse, “I said, ‘Lady, you with all that purple on you, come over, give me something for pain,” and her niece, who was in the room, was shocked, “What did you say?” she asked.

After 20 years, Mary Ann Franco could see again, and she believes it was an act of God. Martin Health System neurosurgeon John Afshar admits he has never seen anything like this before, but he did offer up an explanation that doesn’t involve a magical man in the clouds:

“Mrs. Franco’s vision was impaired from her accident 20 years ago and it could have been a result of the artery being kinked, and then when we performed the surgery itself, we unknowingly probably unkinked that vessel reestablishing blood flow and, therefore, she could have regained her vision.”

But still, Afshar admits this is just a theory. For all we know, Franco might have received a special gift from this God character.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter where the miracle came from. Franco can see again, and now she’ll be able to see her grandchildren for the first time.

Another interesting part of this story? Franco was colorblind before her accident 20 years ago, and now she can see in color. Afshar didn’t have an explanation for that, but he seemed pretty amused when Franco started pointing out the colors in his outfit…

“You’re in blue and brown, and your tie is kind of brownish. Yeah, you’re so handsome.”

She’s already better at flirting than I am.

Images via: WPBF News and Yahoo News


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