Another Police Officer Restored My Faith In Humanity

Philip Soukup of Savannah, Georgia saw a man on the side of the road who seemed to have a difficulty in moving. About an hour later, he drove by the area and saw the same man sitting on the sidewalk, but this time there was a police car nearby.

He witnessed as Cpl. Brandon Lord walked out of the convenience store to give the man a bottle of water and a slice of pizza. He even opened the bottle for the and sat down to talk to him.

“I had received a call of a middle-aged man walking down the middle of the road near Montgomery Crossroads and Waters Ave. I sat next to him in order to ease his discomfort. He was trying to catch a bus to get to Wal-Mart, but he was weak and every time he reached a bus stop, the bus had already left.

He told me he was hungry and had not anything to drink that day. I did not even really think about it. I went into the store and bought him water and food. We talked while he ate and when he was done, I gave him a ride to Wal-Mart.”, he said.

Faith in humanity, restored.


Photos via Today.


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