Are These Really For Kids? 5 Seriously Weird Toy Commercials

Have you ever watched a commercial and wondered what the creators were thinking when they made the product? That’s what I felt when I found myself in the old toy commercial part of YouTube the other day. Not only are some of these commercials unsettling, the toys themselves are just plain weird. Keep reading to see these five strange toys that I can’t believe were made for kids.

Baby Secret

This is by far one of the scariest dolls I’ve ever seen. The whispering gives me chills – it’s like something straight out of a horror movie. Besides that, why is she asking if anyone else is awake? Is she plotting something? What is this baby’s secret?

Cricket The Talking Doll

This one’s minor, but take a look at that closeup of her face. Her empty eyes moving back and forth and her robotic lips moving occasionally both combine to make her look lifeless and creepy. Sorry, but I’m not sure if I want to be friends with you, Cricket. Your fashion sense is great, though. Here’s a bonus video of Cricket in action.

Patty Play Pal

This life-size doll looks a little too real for my tastes. It’s a nice idea, but having a doll the size of an actual child stare at me with its cold eyes sounds like an unsettling experience to me. Also, the fact that she’s so big that she can wear actual child clothes makes me think that people might use her as a replacement daughter. Maybe she could take on a life of her own and replace the little girl that was once her owner. Horror movie writers, take note.

Baby So Real

I think I vaguely remember seeing this commercial as a child. Even back then, I’m sure I thought it was weird. Look at the way its face contorts – there’s no way this could be mistaken for a real baby. The commercial says I should be able to tell how it feels by the look on its face, but all I see is a weird looking toy.

Jill The Talking Doll

You aren’t that much like me, Jill. I know technology was limited in the 1980s, but the way her arms move up and down is very unsettling. Also, look at that face – she looks like she could be related to Chucky! I wouldn’t want this doll watching me sleep at night.

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube


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