Artist Makes EARrings That Look Like Ears – But Wait Till You See Her Rings!

Artist Nadja Buttendorf is stunning people — and freaking them out just a little — with her collection of silicone-based “skin” jewelry.

Buttendorf put careful thought into the design of her jarring jewelry, and she crafts each piece to look and feel like actual human skin.


In a piece on her work by The Creators Project, Buttendorf said:

“If our body [had] another physiognomy, would we look different to the world? Why not to have four ears? What would it like to have four ears? Could we listen different or even more? Why are our ears not positioned on our arms?”

With her Fingerring, Buttendorf shows that it’s not only an accessory, but a useful — dare I say, handy — tool.


And, if you like having pretty fingers, never fear — you can paint the nail on your Fingerring any color you desire.

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H/T The Creators Project