Artist’s ‘Fire’ Wedding Dress Goes Viral So She Starts a Colorful Wedding Dress Business

Everybody wants a beautiful and memorable wedding. That’s why the celebration of marriage is something not to be taken lightly. From the major things like the theme, guests, and whatnot to the smallest details like the table arrangements and other aesthetics, everything is well accounted for. And for the artist, Taylor Ann Linko, she made sure that her wedding dress would pop out due to its unique elegance. She was very specific on what she’s going to wear on her grand day. She thought it’d be nice to lure away from the standard white wedding dress and, instead, have one that shouts celebration.

So, a few months before the wedding, she did everything she could to have the perfect dress. She first went dress hunting to a few boutiques before finally finding her perfect match, the “Savoy’s Bellezza”. However, she’s far from done. She started planning her customization of the dress and decided to paint it. It was a painfully slow one-week process of trials and errors before she finally had the guts to test the color on the actual dress. And guess what technique did she chose to apply? Well, nothing much, just an airbrush! Yes, you read that right. This impressive artist and bride have decided to tweak the most important dress of her life using a humble airbrush.

But, before you say anything else, you have to see the outcome first. I kid you not; you’ll want it for yourself too! All her hard work definitely paid off and she now has a unique and gorgeous dress for their special day.

It has perfectly resonated with her upbeat and fiery personality. Not only did the wedding guests love it, but the whole world did too as soon as she posted it on social media! It was full of color and life, and everyone just couldn’t stop talking about it. This has catapulted Linko to fame, with hundreds of people asking her to do the same to their dresses.

Here are some of the custom orders she has already done for undoubtedly happy brides:





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Most popular combo 💚💙💜

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Now, not only did her fairytale love life come true but so did her dream to become a full-time artist! “The art of painting wedding dresses started when my dress went viral. I’ve always been a very colorful artist,” said Linko. She’s happily married and has now been renting a studio for her small business of wedding dress painting. All the struggles, self-doubt, and even the times she almost gave up are definitely all worth it!

Featured image: Taylor Ann Art