Average-Looking Guy Asked To Sing At Local Gas Station Soon Becomes Internet Sensation

Not so long ago, I used to watch American Idol. And while I hate to admit it, I used to watch not only for the excellent singers but also for the terrible ones. I’m almost certain that the auditions rounds were among the show’s most-watched episodes. There was just a Jerry Springer feel to them sometimes, with folks (sometimes wearing costumes) belting out the most horrible notes you’ve ever heard!

And, the thing that made it so cringy was that they actually thought they were great singers. Of course, Simon Cowell was always quick to dispel them of that notion with a dash of contempt and rye British humor. Often, you could almost tell when someone was going to stink up the stage just by looking at them. However, as Susan Boyle proved on Britain’s Got Talent, you should never judge a book by its cover.

In this video, a local Louisiana man visits a gas station and is asked to sing. Looking at him, you wouldn’t have any idea that he possessed one of the loveliest voices you’ve ever heard. He was just your average guy who went to the store to buy some snacks, and now he’s quickly becoming an internet sensation. James Bailey, who his friends call “Bear,” is a name you may want to remember as he could be a future superstar! Check out his incredible talent in the video below.

Isn’t this guy something else? It may not be long before you see his name on billboards selling out arenas. Let’s all wish him luck, and please be sure to pass this along to your friends and family to enjoy.