Awesome! 7 Signs That Aim To Prevent Female Harassment

Female harassment is a difficult topic to discuss, but it’s a topic that should definitely be talked about more often. Women on the streets are being catcalled, female cashiers are being flirted with by customers that don’t understand what “no” means, and women on crowded subways are being sexually harassed. This is not okay, and people (female and not female) are speaking out about it. In fact, some people have used signs to raise awareness of catcalling and female harassment in general, putting them in public places so that everyone can see them. Personally, I think that’s pretty awesome, so I’ve collected 7 of these signs so that you can see them too. Enjoy!

1. Let Cashiers Do Their Job!

Via Bored Panda

2. This One’s For The Creeps At Comic-Con

Via The Mary Sue

3. Catcalling Is Not A Compliment

Via Daily News

4. An Alternate, Cuter Version Of The Last One


5. Subway Groping is WAY Too Common

Via Stop Street Harassment

6. Women Looking Out For Other Women

Via Stop Street Harassment

7. No Matter What You Wear, You Don’t Deserve It

Via Jim C. Hines

Feel free to use these signs as ideas to make your own! Let’s spread this message everywhere. No one deserves harassment just for existing.

Featured image via Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain