Boston Dynamics Gave Us a Slightly Terrifying (And Impressive) Gift to End 2020

Boston Dynamics wanted to end the unprecedented year of 2020 with something super special and slightly terrifying. Their robots came back to let us know that they can indeed “really shake ’em down.” A stunning dance video was released that both celebrates a remarkable engineering achievement and also serves as an effective advertising campaign for the robotics company. Boston Dynamics is a spinoff of MIT and the company sells lifelike robots to police departments, warehouses, laboratories, utility companies, and factories. The robots perform many tasks more safely and efficiently than human beings can, as it turns out. Well, now we know that they can actually dance better than most humans (better than me, for sure!).

Boston Dynamics Robots Dancing to “Do You Love Me”

On December 29, the company decided to let their robots show off their dance skills, which also demonstrated just how far robots have come in the last year. In the now-viral video, the company’s robots are doing the mashed potato, the twice, and some intricately detailed dance moves that were both impressive and downright eerie. The video caught the attention of robotics fan and billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted that “This is not CGI.” However, the show was almost beyond belief in how good the robots danced.

Boston Dynamics Robotic Dog Spot

Although Boston Dynamics hasn’t yet achieved the success in business that some champions of robotics had hoped, they do have a handful of customers. In the past three years, they’ve also had three different owners, including Google, Softbank, and Hyundai, who now owns the company. In June, the company started selling its robotic dog, Spot, to some U.S. businesses. The price: $74,500 per pooch. Now, the dog likely poops less than actual living dogs, but I wonder if they can show the same loyalty that fur babies show.

Video of Boston Dynamics Robots Dancing

In the video below, you can see Spot dancing with the Atlas robots who look more like humans. Well, at least they do stand on two legs. Enjoy this crazy video!


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