Bride Leaves Seat Open on Wedding Day for Late Son, Sees This Man Walking Down the Aisle

When Becky Turney walked down the aisle to say “I do,” she didn’t know that the empty chair she left open for her late son Triston Green would be filled. The surprise guest, in blue long sleeves polo and gray slacks, brought with him a very special wedding present. Along with his arrival is the undying presence of Becky’s son! The man in question is Jacob Kilby from San Diego. He’s the special man who was transplanted with Triston’s donated heart in 2015. Apparently, the young man was invited as the sixth groomsman for the celebration.

This was all an elaborate plan of the groom himself, Kelly Turney, who flew Jacob all the way to Alaska to make the day extra special for the love of his life. “I lost my mind. I squealed like a little girl. I jumped up and down. It was incredible,” said Becky. While she and Jacob were able to keep in touch online, the two have actually never met in person. “I’ve never ever been surprised like that, like ever. I’m the girl who secretly unwraps all the Christmas presents under the tree and puts them back. So for him to pull this off was just incredible,” she added.

Indeed, the act has not just surprised the gorgeous bride; it has also left the whole guest astounded and teary-eyed! “I got yelled at quite a bit for messing up people’s makeup,” Kelly admitted. Thankfully, the special moment was captured by the wedding photographer and owner of Love Adventured, Amber Lanphier. Not only was she able to make the memory last forever, but she was also able to let the whole world take a glimpse of such a beautiful connection! “There really are no words, and that’s the coolest part because the pictures, they say it all,” said Becky.

The brave Triston has actually not just saved Jacob’s life but also of other four vital organ recipients. By sharing their story, they hope to encourage people to sign up as donors. They also hope to inspire the families of donors and the recipients to reach out to each other. “Those bonds that we’re creating are priceless. They’re healing,” shared Becky.

“Everyone has a legacy, but to see how Triston changed Jacob’s life is just incredible…It makes you super proud.”