Can You Imagine Having Matteo Bocelli Sing at Your Wedding? This Private Wedding Couple Got It

I know you’ve all probably wanted to marry Matteo Bocelli but, hear me out. What if there’s actually a way for him to join you on your most special day? Well, not as your future husband but as your wedding singer. Still sounds like a dream come true, right? This man, just like his father, keeps bringing us to a magical place with his incredible voice. So imagine what his vocals can do in such an enchanted moment of your life. It’ll definitely be one for the books! And this couple got exactly this dreamy chapter.

Turns out, this exceptionally talented young star is up for booking. And a private performance in Puglia, Italy gives us a glimpse of what he’s got. In the video, he sang wholeheartedly his own breathtaking version of the famous Italian piece called “*Caruso*”. And it was absolutely perfect! He has brought life to this passionate song and has filled the air with love as he let out the heavenly symphony. I bet it might’ve even brought happy tears out of the newlywed’s eyes.

And can I just say it’s not every day that we are gifted with hearing Matteo sing in his first language? I don’t know with you but having him perform in Italian just kicks off differently. It was deep and full of sincere emotions; you can’t help but swoon as it sweeps you off your feet. While Matteo’s expressive and powerful vocal trills are very comparable to his father’s, they’re also unique in his own right. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up with a musical legend!

Watch the video below and fall in love with this lovely singer’s powerful voice.

What a surreal performance! It may be short but it certainly is fuller than many other musical pieces. Bravissimo, Matteo!