Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman Crack Each Other Up In Hysterical ‘Old Folks’ Sketch

Back when I was in my 20’s, I used to catch a ride to my technical school with another student, a funny guy named John. He always cracked jokes about him and his wife’s “non-existent” love life (they eventually divorced). Now, I always thought that married guys exaggerated the “cooling down” of their once hot and heavy romantic activities, but as I found out for myself, that does happen to a degree.

Once two people begin dealing with life issues past the dating phase of their relationships, such as children, taxes, job stress, home repairs, and a host of other things married folks deal with, romantic moods don’t strike quite as often.

One of my favorite skits from the Carol Burnett show illustrates this age-old running gag between married couples perfectly. But for me, the best part is how Carol and Harvey Korman bust up laughing throughout. There’s a good reason this show is still near and dear to many fans. The skit is called “Old Folks,” It features Carol and Harvey as an old married couple sitting on their porch in rocking chairs. Check it out.

The look on Carol’s face when Harvey puts his hand on her knee says it all! Their laughter is truly contagious and when they get going, it’s hard not to get swept up in it! Be sure to share these laughs with your friends and family.