Check Out This Mansion’s Epic Million Dollar ‘Carol of the Bells’ Light Show

One of our favorite holiday traditions growing up was driving around and looking at Christmas lights. In certain parts of the country, there are even neighborhoods that put together organized drive-thru shows in which folks can cruise through certain blocks and gawk at some incredible displays.

There’s one in my city that has hundreds of cars pass through every year. Some of the displays are pretty basic, with a few lights and maybe a plastic snowman or two. But then you have those folks who go all out and cover every square inch of their home with dazzling lights just for that weekend.

But, while I’ve seen some pretty impressive displays in my day, the one in the video below takes the cake! These folks decorated their mansion with thousands of Christmas lights synced to a modern interpretation of “Carol of the Bells.” Take a look at the Larsen family’s mind-blowing light show in the video below.

What did you think of their little light show? Can you even begin to imagine what their electric bill must look like? I bet their power company sends them a lovely Christmas card each year! Thank you for reading, and please be sure to share this story with your friends and family.