Contact Lens Camera That Shoots When You Blink?

Have you ever wanted to take a photo of something but are too slow to set your camera or your smartphone up? When you finally get ready, the moment you want to take a photo of has already passed. It sucks, right?

What if you are able to take a photo of something as it happens, just by blinking your eye, that would be cool, eh?

Sony has already filed for a patent for creating a contact lens camera that allows you to take pictures by blinking your eyes and then transferring them to your laptop, tablets or smartphones.

They even said that it would come with features such as image stabilization, zoom and other enhanced effects.
Certainly, Sony has been number one of the companies in the race to make a smart contact lens turn into reality.

The images can even be stored in the lenses first before you transfer it to your device.

How cool is that? Go for it, Sony! We await this new technology.

Featured image via Today.



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