Cruise Ships In Bad Weather. Warning: This Might Make You Never Want To Take A Cruise

I’ve never been on a cruise, much less a cruise ship in bad weather. I’ve been on boats in the ocean in choppy weather but never anything like in this video!

Cruise Ships in Bad Weather

I think when people think of a cruise, they’re thinking of something like Love Boat (remember Love Boat???) where there’s a big majestic ship cruising along calm and relaxing seas. Well…there’s another side to this. Bad weather and bad seas DO happen, after all.

Watch this amazing video. Unbelievable!

In that video of cruise ships in bad weather, you can hear a woman referencing this video of a cruise ship in Antarctica. More insanity.

Does This Make You Want to Never Take A Cruise?

I’ll still do it! I told my husband “the ocean respects NO ONE.” He said: “Yep, and that’s why I like to give it its space.”

cruise ships in bad weather cruise

All of this aside, while this would be terrifying, I┬áhave a confession. Being on a cruise ship while this is going on would be an exciting adventure as long as the boat didn’t go down. I guess it would be a situation that was exciting after the fact. You know, like coming face to face with a lion or something. Not so fun at the time, but hella fun when it was all over.

Will this scare you off of cruise ships forever? Not me! I want to go on a cruise!