Customer Stands Up and Loudly Demands The Person Who Made His Burger Come Forward

Many of us who’ve worked in retail and the service industry when we were young, or still do, have our fair share of stories involving irritate customers who go out of their way to make a big scene over a mistake.

One of the most high-pressure places to work has to be a fast-food restaurant. Unlike traditional restaurants, folks are not happy about waiting for more than 5 minutes for their food.

Plus, if you mess up an order, you run the risk of having a customer or your manager chew you out over one mistake.

Working in the fast-food industry can be a pretty hectic experience that not everyone’s cut out for, but those who can keep it together within the chaos tend to thrive.

In this video from 2018, we see a man in glasses eating a burger inside a local burger joint. Without saying a word, he stands up and walks up to the front counter while still holding his burger.

The man then starts to demand (quite loudly) that someone tell him who made his burger.

We see many confused young folks behind the counter looking around at each other as the cashier asks the crew who prepared the customer’s meal.

Soon the two employees are identified. Watch and see what the customer did next.

Now, folks, this is the kind of thing we should see more often in our society. There are far too many thankless jobs, and being thankful is just too easy. However, we’ve gotten so used to not thanking those who do a good job that it never even occurs to us. If you’re ever in a position to thank someone for a job well done, please do so. It really goes a very long way.

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