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Dog Obsessed With Stuffed Santa Gets To See The Real Father Christmas. Watch Out For His Reaction

Kya a Shiba pooch is obsessed with her stuffed Santa toy. Where ever he went, he is bringing it.



“She’s always carrying her Santa toy around with her and kept it through the whole year… Whenever we are just sitting on the couch watching TV she also brings it and just kinda sits with it and licks it,” says the owner.


When the owners John and Angelina heard that there will be a Santa Meet and Greet at a mall near them, they didn’t let the oppotunity pass, and they took Kya there to meet the real version of her beloved stuffed toy.

Oh you can just see how happy the dog was.

This OMG reaction is so priceless!







They posted it on Twitter and here are some of the reactions:




h/t: Bored Panda

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