Emma Watson Is A Feminist Hero And Champion Of Human Rights

Beauty and the Beast is set to open in a couple of days, but Emma Watson has another kind of hype surrounding her.

It seems that her feature in Vanity Fair magazine raised a few eyebrows. Watson posed braless in a Burberry shrug, and many people wanted to know how can somebody who champions women’s rights as a UN Ambassador can do something like this.

Soon Twitter exploded with posts, and people had different views on this topic.

Some of them described the whole thing as scandalous while others thought there was nothing wrong with this photos.

The Beasts


We’re all entitled to say what we want that’s what the freedom of speech is all about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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Yes, but if we want to celebrate freedom we shouldn’t criticize or shame someone just because we can. We need to ask ourselves what is it that we are trying to achieve?

There is no reason why we should criticize Emma for this. It’s her right, and taking that away would be wrong. We shouldn’t live in a society that is so closed-minded. What Emma did isn’t wrong. Nobody should be criticized for something they are entitled to do, and we need to respect other people’s choices if we want the right to make our own.

The Beauties

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