Forget About Oreos And Milk — How About Oreo Beer?

The familiar Oreos-and-milk tradition just got upgraded into a grown-up delight: Oreo Beer. I know, it sounds like a Willy Wonka dream creation, but apparently we’ve got The Veil Brewing Co. to thank for this chocolate milk stout called Hornswoggler.  

Via Twitter

The 4-pack is $17 + tax and yes, it is actually fermented with hundreds of pounds of cookies, it even has some chunks of that delicious icing! so, it is kind of advised to drink really cold.

Fun Fact: As if following in Wonka’s steps, five golden tokens where hidden underneath the packs; whomever found them could exchange them for a cool Hornswoggler glass, or so promised the Brewery based on Virginia on their Instagram.

I mean, it really sounds like the best of both worlds in a can. Can’t wait to try one!

Featured image via Twitter. 


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