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Ghosts Or Not, These 10 Abandoned Places Are Curiously Amazing

Tourists often spend loads of money just to visit beautiful tourist attractions.

Sadly, when the beauty fades from these places, they often become ruins and wastelands.

While it may sound sad for these places, there are some that survive this awkward stage and become tourist spots again … because they get creepy, that is.

1. KOLMANSKOP (Namibia): Buried in sand

Source: Oddee

A town in southern Namibia which is a few kilometers away from the port of Lüderitz, Kolsmanskop prospered when the diamond fever struck. People all around the town rushed to the desert to get their hands on diamonds to make an easy fortune.

Source: Oddee

Within two years, the town sprouted casinos, schools, hospitals and even exclusive residential buildings. However, when the diamond sales dropped just after the World War I, the town was deserted by 1950. Soon, sand dunes claimed the town which still remains partially under sand until now.

Source: Oddee


2. PRYPIAT (Ukraine): Chernobyl workers’ home

Source: Oddee

Once, Prypiat in northern Ukraine is home to 50,000 people and is prospering on its own. Until the Chernobyl disaster happened, as this city is home to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers, it became deserted after the disaster in 1986.

Source: Oddee

When the disaster struck the residents were only allowed to take one suitcase each and some clothes that weren’t contaminated. They left everything in their homes, unfortunately, during the 21st century, the city was looted and stripped off of any valuable things.

Source: Oddee


3. SAN ZHI (Taiwan): a futuristic resort

Source: Oddee

This futuristic pod village was supposed to be built as a luxury vacation spot for the rich in northern Taiwan. But during the construction, several fatal accidents happened resulting in the construction being stopped.

After a few years, lack of money and also the lack of willingness were primary reasons why it wasn’t continued anymore. Throughout the years, rumors and legends started to come up, suggesting that the village is now haunted by those who died there.

Source: Oddee


4. CRACO (Italy): a fascinating medieval town

Source: Oddee

In the Region of Basilicata in the Province of Matera which is about 25 miles inland from the Gulf of Taranto, Craco stands along with the many medieval towns that are typical in that area.

Source: Oddee

In 1891, Craco started with 2,000 inhabitants. But after agricultural problems, people moving to North America, poor farming, landslides, earthquakes, and war, the remaining 1,800 inhabitants were transferred to a nearby town Craco Peschiera. Leaving the original Craco in a state of decay until today.

Source: Oddee


5. ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE (France): the horror of WWII

Source: Oddee

This small village Oradour-sur-Glane in France is in a state of ruins. The ruins are not being developed and is being used as a memorial for the horrific events that took place there.

The small village was a witness to 642 residents who were massacred during the World War II. The German’s real target was the nearby Oradour-sur-Vayres by mistakenly invaded Oradour-sur-Glane instead.

All the men in the village were herded in barns where they all got shot in the legs so they would die a slower and more painful death. The women and children on the other hand, tried hiding in a church, but was soon greeted by a machine gun barrage when they tried to escape.

6. GUNKANJIMA (Japan): the forbidden island

Source: Oddee

In 1890, a company called Mistibishi bought an island about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki, Japan. It’s purpose was to begin a project to retrieve coals under the sea.

Source: Oddee

This attracted a lot of attention and the company was forced to build structures in the island to accommodate their workers and also protect them from hurricanes. Its population blew up to 835 people per hectare for the whole island and 1,391 per hectare for the residential area, which was one of the highest population density to be recorded worldwide.

However, despite the success of the island, when petroleum replaced coal in the 1960’s, coal mines began shutting down. Not long after that, Mitsubishi announced the closing of the island. People left and the island remained empty until today.

Source: Oddee


7. KADYKCHAN (Russia): memories of the Soviet Union

Source: Oddee

Once a small city in Russia that housed 12,000 people, Kadykchan is now desolate after falling into ruin when the Soviet Union collapsed.

The people moved out in a span of two weeks. The city is now filled with old and forgotten toys, books and other objects that the people left in a hurry to transfer to another city.

8. KOWLOON WALLED CITY (China): A lawless city

Source: Oddee

This lawless city is located just outside Hong Kong, China during the British rule. It was originally built as a watch post for attacks from pirates. During the World War II, it was occupied by Japan but was immediately taken over by squatters when Japan surrendered.

China and Britain didn’t want the responsibility for the city so it became the scary lawless city that it is now.

Source: Oddee

9. FAMAGUSTA (Cyprus): once a top tourist destination, now a ghost town

Source: Oddee

What was once a top tourist area of the city of Famagusta in Cyprus remains as a ghost town today. During the war, the Turkish army gained control over the area and fenced it off so no one can enter.

For several years, the return of the city to Cyprus control was talked about but was never realized. 34 years of no repair and neglect made it into the ghost town that it is now.

10. AGDAM (Azerbaijan): once a 150,000 city of people, now lost

Source: Oddee

Once a home to 150,000 people, Agdam in Azerbaijan got lost in 1993 during the Nagorno Karabakh war. The combat was never really done in the city itself, but it wasn’t able to escape vandalism and gutting from the invaders.


As creepy as these places may be, it is important to realize that they are all rich in history and stories of their own that deserves to be preserved.


Image via Oddee.

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