Girl Tries (And Fails) To Copy Viral Corn Video, Can You Guess Her Painful Injury?

A few days ago, a video showing a dude eating a ‘corn cob’ in 10 seconds went viral. How did he do it? By using a power tool, of course.

Check it out below…

Pretty neat, right? But this is where the story gets interesting. Naturally, you’re going to have people trying to copy the video. Even though it looks incredibly dangerous, people will do anything for a few likes and retweets.

This girl tried the stunt, and she managed to get over 30k retweets on Twitter, but we have a feeling no amount of retweets will be able to make her feel better now…



And yeah, the video appears to be legit. You can click this link to check out a clip of her at the doctor after it happened. The doctor in the video explains the hair will grow back, but it’ll be at an extremely slow pace.

Screengrab via: Streamable


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