Graphic Designer Shows What A Magazine For Young Women Should REALLY Look Like!

Several months ago, an image showing side-by-side comparisons of the covers of Girls’ Life and Boys’ Life magazines went viral. People were (rightly) infuriated that the magazine geared toward boys stressed the importance of thinking of their futures while the girls’ magazine focused almost exclusively on looks.

In case you missed it …

Photographer: Matt Frye | via Facebook

Now, it should be pointed out that these two magazines are not affiliated with one another, though their names seem to indicate that they are. Boys’ Life is the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, and Girls’ Life is a general interest magazine geared towards girls 10-16, according to their website. It’s not as though they are part of one company that deliberately put these two issues out at the same time.

However, seeing those two covers next to one another does highlight the differences in how we as a society tend to steer our children.

One woman was having none of that, though.

Katherine Young, a graphic designer currently working for a school district, was appalled when she saw the photo above.

The Best Stuff Online contacted Ms. Young and asked her what her initial gut reaction was when she saw the photos:

“I initially questioned if the covers were faked. I googled them just to make sure they were real. I just couldn’t believe in 2016 we had such different expectations for girls vs boys.”

Ms. Young doesn’t have any plans to continue addressing the many magazine covers out there targeted at girls and women that stress style over substance, but she does state that she is happy her artwork spoke to so many people.

Check it out!

And, to quote Ms. Young’s words from her cover below: “Suck it Girls’ Life.”

Used with express permission from Katherine Young