Hampton Inn Employee Fired For Calling Police on Black Family at the Pool

A Hampton Inn employee in Williamston, North Carolina has since been fired after calling the cops on a black family using the pool.

Ednitta Wright, live-streamed the incident on Friday on her Facebook page, where she goes by Anita Williams-Wright. Two officers approached Wright and her children to ask if they were guests.

Hampton Inn employee

Wright responded by showing them their key card and saying that they did in fact have a room there.

Wright said in the video:

“She said to me, ‘Oh because it’s always people like you using the pool unauthorized.’ Who [are] people like me?”

The employee said her manager wanted the people arrested, but that cannot be verified from the Facebook video.

Police officer in mask

Wright refused to give identification other than her room key. The police officers are seen looking at her license plate. Then, they go to the front desk and verify that Wright did indeed have two rooms reserved at the hotel.

Wright says:

“I’m the only Black person here in this pool, they want to question me. But it was two Caucasian people sitting right over there and she said nothing to them. So she goes and calls the police officers.”

The video, which has been viewed 900,000 times and counting, ends with Wright taking her children back to their rooms.

Shruti Gandhi Buckley, the Global Head of Hampton by Hilton, said:

“Hampton by Hilton has zero-tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind.”

“We apologized directly to the guest and her family for their experience and will work with them and the hotel to make this right. We remain in contact with the hotel’s ownership about follow up actions, and to ensure that in the future, their employees reflect the best values of our brand and are welcoming of all.”

This is just another case of white people weaponizing the police against black people.


Posted by Missy Williams-wright on Friday, June 26, 2020

Featured Image: Facebook.