Harvey Korman Takes Mob Trainee Tim Conway To Rob A Bank: What Could Go Wrong?

The other day, I was thinking about how many on The Carol Burnett Show describes Tim Conway as sort of the show’s class clown. But in truth, Tim’s probably the most focused and committed actor on the show. The way he dives into his characters with very few breaks is pretty remarkable, especially considering how he makes nearly everyone he works with break character. By the way, did you know that if you have Amazon Prime, you can stream seasons 1-4 of the Carol Burnett Show? Yep.

Another thing I noticed is how multi-dimensional his comedy style was. He could play the nervous (Rick Moranis/Jerry Lewis types), the absurdly confident (Inspector Clouseau types), and a wide variety of other personalities and sell his authenticity every time.


In this clip, Tim and Harvey Korman are standing in line at the bank while Carol Burnett trains her new trainee, played by Vickie Lawrence. Soon we find out that Tim is also new on the job as an aspiring mobster learning how to rob his first bank with Harvey’s guidance. What unfolds is a mess that turns out to be the most hilarious bank robbery you’ll ever see! Check it out.

Something tells me this guy needs to find a new line of work! When he gave the gun to the bank teller I lost it! Please be sure to share this funny video with your friends and family.