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Here Are 15 Picture-Perfect DIY Fairy Gardens Made From Broken Flower Pots!

This latest trend sweeping the gardening community is not only unbelievably beautiful, but it’s also spreading a great message. These talented and creative gardeners prove that even “broken” things can be restored into something beautiful if you show them the love and attention they deserve.

Of course, while some of the photos you see below are from accidental breaks, there is a good amount of planning going into these creations. The process includes soaking a pot in water, and then weakening the part you want to break off with a craft drill or file.

From there, you grab a hammer and carefully break the piece off. It’s worth noting that most sites recommend wearing safety goggles during this last step, but if you don’t have any, I’d say just go for it and hope you don’t permanently damage your vision. #YOLO

Check out the awesome creations below! I might try making my own this weekend. I’ll probably fail or blind myself in the process, but at least I can say I tried.


Image credit: Lynette


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Image credit: Backyard Patch Herbal Blog


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Image credit: Sue Matyszak


Image credit: Rebecca Snyder


Image credit: Badlay


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Image credit: Sarah Wynne


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