Here Are The Scientific Ways To Get Over Someone When You’ve Been Dumped

~~Here Are The Scientific Ways To Get Over Someone When You’ve Been Dumped~~

Love can truly be an awful addiction. Who says this is so? Science says it is. If you are going through heartbreak of any kind, or have been dumped for whatever reason, the best way to combat the heartbreak you are experiencing is one way.

What is this way? It is no other than healing yourself in the same way that you would, if you did have, an actual addiction.

Helen Fisher, is both a biological anthropologist, and also the author of a book that is called “Anatomy of Love.” What she reveals outright about heartbreak, being dumped, or anything else that is hurtful from a romance gone wrong is the following.

Going through heartbreak can have some very strong physiological effects on the mind and body. It is very much the same, as if, one would have the effects that go along with some addiction. Because of these very real physiological effects, there is indeed a scientific reason as to why, love or the loss of love can leave one feeling hurting and bereft.

What are the best of all ways to get over someone when you have been dumped? Science has summarized the best ways in this way. They are:

  • You should get rid or store away any items that did belong to the one who has broken your heart
  • Don’t be open to contact in any form from the person who has hurt or dumped you. This means no text messaging, emails, or any other type of communication. Keep it closed.
  • Make sure to surround yourself with some of your old friends and family members. Don’t associate with anyone who is tied to your ex in some way. Stay away from places, that you two did go to, during your relationship.

The severing of all ties is the best way to go, if you are able:

  • Get lots of warm hugs and affection from friends and family members.
  • Get lots of good physical exercise.

One other point, which was left out, and will be added here. Don’t use painkillers, sleep aids, or aspirin to numb or temporarily ease your pain. Heartbreak is better handled with a great diet and nutrition.

Finally, do know one thing, and take it to heart. Time does indeed HEAL all Holy-Hell Heart Break! Allow yourself time to HEAL!

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