I Can’t Believe It’s Soap!

With the resurgence of nostalgic video games like Pokémon and Mario, it’s no surprise that modern technology is attempting to make these games even more accessible, like putting it on our wrists.  But the resurgence of all things nerdy can probably be attributed to the Marvel movies universe and all of the contributions its made to bringing these once-teased characters and their books to life.

Now, with “nerd” officially being in season, there has been a massive market opened up to all people who wish to create and dream while paying homage to the very characters brought to life that were once the subject of their ridicule.

Namely, soap.

Yes, you read that right: soap.

The specialty soap market has seen such a resurgence, there are even official DIY videos for those who do not want to spend the money to obtain such unique memorabilia.

One Etsy shop owner, DigitalSoaps, has even stated in their bio that they are the #1 seller of nerd soap and that the surge of popularity and demand for their product has put them “in a position to level up,” which I assume means more XP, HP, and the possibility of unlocking of a new weapon.

Video game-printed toilet paper, anyone?

At any rate, any specialty product that can inspire its own professional DIY video has effectively made it.

The only question that stands is: how much of my paycheck can I stand to do without?

Featured image courtesy of Reddit