It Started Out As A Romantic Photo, But Fate Had A Different Plan

Taking selfies and photos with your loved ones, especially when both of you are perfectly dressed is always a good idea. Sometimes, One photo is not enough so you gamely try different poses until you find the perfect shot.

Such is the story of Elaiina Vecchio and her boyfriend. They only wanted a romantic photo.

Everything started cute and perfect.


Eliana wore a body hugging dress coupled with a sparkling choker. Definitely worth a romantic photo, right?

Let’s take another one

After the last photo, they decided to take another one, but this time, sitting by the fountain.


Judging by one comment on Elaina’s photo, and the way this one is blurred, you can guess what happened next right?

The comment said: “The middle [picture] is good, just beyond the point of no return.”


Not your perfect date night, but hey, I bet it’s a night they won’t ever forget.

Here’s a photo collage:

lifebuzz-3898d3ce32b2f4cd4866b2cfb1c1d0bf-limit_2000 (1)

The two responded to it extremely well and so has the public. The set has been liked by over 170k people and retweeted over 70k times.

The couple looks and even gave a bonus to those who followed their photo story. Here’s a short video of the aftermath.

Image via LifeBuzz


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