IT’S A WRAP! 5 Of The Best Stuff I Found Online Today 008

1. This Christmas Shopping Beaver

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

2. Declawing Cats Is Illegal

Did you know that declawing cats is illegal in more than 25 countries? Better be in the know, you don’t want to be arrested for grooming your cat, would you?

Source: Pixabay

Here is the list of countries where declawing is illegal.

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Wales
  4. Italy
  5. Austria
  6. Switzerland
  7. Norway
  8. Sweden
  9. Ireland
  10. Denmark
  11. Finland
  12. Slovenia
  13. Brazil
  14. Australia
  15. New Zealand
  16. Serbia
  17. Montenegro
  18. Macedonia
  19. Slovenia
  20. France
  21. Germany
  22. Bosnia
  23. Malta
  24. Netherlands
  25. Northern Ireland
  26. Portugal
  27. Belgium
  28. Israel


3. Giraffe Taste Urine

Today, I found out that male giraffes taste the urine of female giraffes to determine if they are fertile.

I looked for a video to show you, but I don’t think it is appropriate to put it here. Just go and look for it on YouTube. ;p

Source: Pixabay

Source: CBC

4. This Baby Skunk That Will Give You A Good Morning

5. Chocolate Is Lethal

Just when you thought nothing can come between you and your chocolates, here’s proof that chocolate is lethal, when taken in the dangerous dosage. It is found out that 22lbs. of chocolate is the lethal dose for a person.

That is about 40 Dairy Milks or 40 Hershey’s Bars.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Telegraph

Image via Pixabay.

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