It’s Time To Re-Watch Pentatonix Performing ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Christmas is just around the corner, perhaps we take it differently this year because of all the turmoil the whole world experiences. But this is our chance to truly take in the wonder and awe of the season. Let’s all be merry and enjoy the twinkle of the lights from house to house and listen to the Christmas carols and spread hope and love.

Let peace surround us by listening and watching once again to this American a capella group from Arlington, Texas. The Pentatonix consists of vocalists Scott Hoying (baritone), Mitch Grassi (tenor), Kirstin Maldonado (mezzo-soprano), Kevin Olusola (vocal percussion), and Matt Sallee (bass). This quintet covers “Little Drummer Boy” with all voices and no drums. This version becomes an internet sensation on YouTube that in just over a week it hits about 10 million.

“Little Drummer Boy” is a popular Christmas song originally known as “Carol of the Drum” written by the American Classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941 and was popularized in 1958 by the Harry Simeone Chorale. Hundreds of versions have been done over the decades but the Pentatonix version has given it a twist by just voices and no drums that give a comforting feeling.

They perform on top of a hill overlooking a breathtaking view. They start it off by just a voice that sounded like an instrument, followed by a melodious humming by the other members. They alternately sing the lyrics that their voices merge so beautifully and harmoniously. By the end of the performance Kirsten hits off the high notes without any effort, the depth is very impressive that awes the viewers.

Watch the whole video and feel the spirit of Christmas.

This is one version that surely warms everyone’s heart and welcomes this season with hope.