Kim Kardashian Is Seriously Now Selling Butt Designed Gift Wrap (Her Butt)

How have we lived through billions of years with Kim Kardashian’s butt? And now, we have gift wrap of her butt??? Humanity has reached its peak.

Yes, Kim Kardashian is selling butt collage wrapping paper on her website – and it could be yours for only $35.00! We can always count on her to keep it klassy.


The butts on the wrap are from her customized emoji app, Kimoji, and of course from her infamous photo for the cover of Paper Magazine, in which she showed her best ASSet in all its oiled up glory.


If you just aren’t feeling wrapping up your dad’s Christmas present in Kim’s butt, you can also do the BAE word bubble wrap.


For the rest of the fam, consider the “engagement ring” and “cry face” wrap.



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