Little Boy With Most Adorable Southern Drawl Tells His ‘Cow Story’

Teaching our children how to feel confident communicating with others is an important lesson that many parents don’t teach their kids. It’s not uncommon for many kids to feel uncomfortable talking to adults and, in some cases, even other kids. For little ones, self-confidence can carry them a very long way in life, which is why it’s so important to build it up the right way.

And one of the sweetest and most adorable ways you can promote greater self-confidence and public speaking skills in little ones is by encouraging them to tell stories about their experiences. In this video, we see a 2-year-old little boy named Olan telling a funny story about the time he was bucked off of a cow.

His parents then try to get the little guy to tell them a different story about a baby calf licking his foot and eating his shoe, but Olan has other plans. Check it out.

It’s clear this child is incredibly bright, full of imagination, and has a gift for storytelling. Please be sure to share this adorable little one’s story with your friends and family.