Nine-Year-Old Girl Opens Lemonade Stand And Raises Over $500 For Her Little Brother’s Heart Surgery


Just going to the doctor to get some blood work done can take a nice chunk of change out of your bank account, so when the family of Caden Witulski received the terrible news that he would need heart surgery, they started having long discussions about how they might come up with the money needed.

Caden’s nine-year-old sister Addison apparently overheard one of those intense conversations, and she decided to do something about it. She opened a lemonade stand/art stand, where she sold cups of lemonade for .25 to .50 cents and pictures for .25 cents.

The girl’s grandmother and guardian, Kim Allred, told KWES the following

“I guess she has overheard me and her grandpa talking about how we’re worried about how we’re going to get to Houston, Texas, for my grandsons heart surgery. And she overheard me and decided she was going to go out there and have a lemonade stand and make some drawings and pictures and sell them.”

And Addison didn’t just do this by herself. Her friends Emily and Erica decided to help her keep things running smoothly at the stand. The three girls worked hard all day long, and in total they raised $568.10.


Allred is still shocked that the girls didn’t keep any of the money. They simply handed it over to her after they shut things down.

“Her and her best friend Erica [Borden] to do this and to just hand me over this money to go instead of wanting to go and buy stuff for themselves. I cannot explain. I’m just so grateful.”

Even a few New Mexico State Police Officers stopped by to help the girls reach their impressive total. In addition to the lemonade stand, there will also be a bake sale this Saturday (June 11) from 2 to 4 p.m.

And if you want to help but don’t live in the area…don’t worry! You can click on this link to visit Caden’s GoFundMe page. If all goes well, his surgery will take place in Houston on July 19.

Featured image via: newswest9


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