Male Singer Astonishes AGT Judges with Soprano ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Song

Not everyone who performs on the hit TV show “America’s Got Talent” has aspirations of becoming a rock star (or pop star). Some of these talented individuals have some pretty simple personal goals, and for a young man from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania named Donovan Hopper, it seems he would love to be a member of “The Phantom of the Opera” cast.

Or rather, he wants to be a Broadway star. Judging from his incredible and unique voice, this is something that is definitely achievable for this talented young man. Very few Broadway stars ever become household names, although some do gain a lot of recognition.

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Donovan Hopper’s Performance on “America’s Got Talent”

When Donovan Hopper went before the judges at “America’s Got Talent,” he didn’t play around. Donovan didn’t just nail the easier parts of the song (and none of the parts of “Think of Me” are exactly easy). Donovan also nailed the iconic endnote that has been done poorly by plenty of artists before him.

Donovan didn’t just maintain the song’s integrity. He had a range that even AGT judge Simon Cowell praised. In fact, Donovan’s performance of “Phantom of the Opera’s” area “Think of Me” was so stellar that the judges gave Donovan a standing ovation.

Phantom of the Opera cast Donovan America's Got Talent Standing Ovation

Simon’s comments included a suggestion that “if someone was smart,” they would cast Donovan in the right musical in the right part that would allow him to do what he does best. He added that Donovan has “an amazing voice.”

Who Is Donovan Hoffer?

Phantom of the Opera song Donovan Hopper

What do we know about Donovan Hoffer? The young man graduated from Penn Manor High School in Pennsylvania. He performed in high school and won a National Youth Theatre Award.

Donovan has been seen in shows at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center, the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, and Prima Theatre. Additionally, Donovan has performed in several productions at Fulton Theater.

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In the 2018 production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” at Fulton Theater, Donovan played the role of Clopin. Also, he performed in Rocktopia in 2018, which was a combination of rock and classical music.

Currently, Donovan lives in Chicago and returned to Lancaster, Pennsylvania recently to participate in “Queen/Journey,” a rock show at Prima.

Could Donovan Be a Member of the Phantom of the Opera Cast Someday?

Donovan Hopper Phantom of the Opera Think of Me song

Could Donovan actually someday be a member of the “Phantom of the Opera” cast? While it’s unlikely that “Phantom of the Opera” Broadway would ever cast a man in the role of Christine, who can say? The world is changing and it could make for an interesting performance.

Phantom of the Opera Monkey

Simon said, “Well, well, well…we were NOT expecting that.” Simon’s co-host, Sofia Vergara, could be heard whispering, “How does he do that???” A nearly speechless Simon replied, “I don’t know.”

Watch Donovan Hoffer’s remarkable performance of “Think of Me” from the musical “Phantom of the Opera” below.

Wow. That is all. Donovan Hoffer has a bright future ahead of him. As far as him ever being a member of the “Phantom of the Opera” cast, who knows? I know I would watch him in any performance!