Physician Helps Sick Patient Get Last Laugh After Tyrant Boss Threatens To Fire Her Without Doctor’s Note

Those of us who work day after day to pay our bills know that taking time off due to illness or injury can be detrimental to our finances. This is why so many of us choose to go into work sick or hurt and “tough it out.”

Sadly, there are many bosses out there who expect their people to show up no matter what. I once had a boss ask if I was still coming to work right after I called in and told her I was involved in a head-on collision while traveling to work. After informing her that I was at the hospital and the accident caused my airbag to deploy, she asked me if I needed to come in an hour or two later!

In this story, a manager threatened to fire Redditor u/kathjoy unless she brought him a doctor’s note, proving she was really sick. However, when she told her doctor about her situation, her physician did not hesitate to teach this bully a little lesson via a scathing “passive aggressive” note. The end result saw the sick employee rewarded and her abusive boss punished.

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That just goes to show you. Karma is very real, and sometimes it bites back very hard! Please be sure to show this story to your friends and family.

Featured Image attribution: Pexels